Denver and Beloved

This book starts out with the clear presence of ghosts and the blurred line between real life and the after life. Sethe and Denver do not hide the fact that the ghost of the murdered child still lives with them. They accept the ghost as a part of every day life. The ghost, in the beginning, is Denvers only friend. The supernatural only adds to the struggles of the small family. Because Sethe murdered her child her mother in law, who meant a great deal to the town, falls into a depression and dies. As a result the town shuns Sethe and Denver and kind of use the ghost of Beloved to be the reason they are no longer apart of the town. As the story progresses and the girl found in the front yard appears, Denver quickly relates her to her deceased sister and only friend, Beloved. Denver believes that she is the reincarnation of her dead sister. Beloved also mentions that where she came from was dark, she was a child, and there were dead people around her. As I continued reading I noted the relationship between Denver and Beloved was stronger than any of the other characters. Denver always had a strange connected to the ghost when it was intangible and even more so when Beloved presented herself as a tangible form. I couldn't help but think that Denver created these ghostly ideas and images to help herself cope with the fact that her mother tried to kill her as well. I don't think that the ghost is as present and the characters lead the reader to believe. I feel like a lot of it is exaggerated in order to create a coping mechanism.

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